4 SUP Accessories you Need to Stay Safe & Have Fun

4 SUP Accessories you Need to Stay Safe & Have Fun

You don’t need much to have an amazing time on a SUP board. In fact, that’s what makes stand up paddling so convenient. But, if you’re looking to make your SUP experience even better—and safer—equip your next adventure with these four essential SUP accessories.

Don’t Venture Out without These Must-Have Stand up Paddle Necessities 

1. 3-Piece Fiberglass Poly Paddle

Smooth light paddle, SUP accessories

  • Stiff carbon hybrid shaft
  • Durable Poly blade
  • Snap lock adjustable levers
  • 3-piece for easy travel

Every SUP board needs a paddle, but not all paddles are created equal. Our 3-piece fiberglass/poly paddle features a durable poly blade and a stiff carbon hybrid shaft which makes it ultralight and ultra-sturdy.

The marked shaft also doubles as a tool to measure the depth of the water, which is helpful if you’re paddling in areas with uneven depths. For instance, maybe you’re in an area with shifting tides, coral reefs, or sand bars. Paddle board are great for exploring shallow areas, but if you get too shallow, your board fins or the bottom of your board can get damaged; or worse, you could injure yourself.

Another feature of our paddle is its snap-lock levers that can adjust to the correct height for any user. Plus, the paddle breaks down into three pieces for easy travel and storage. When you pair the Smooth SUP paddle with our extra-durable, inflatable SUP boards, getting out into the water is a breeze. You can safely navigate through calm and challenging waters alike.

2. Travel Bag

best SUP accessories, stand up paddleboards by Smooth SUP

  • Extra wide straps and padding for comfort
  • Durable 600D Polyester construction
  • Stainless drain hole for excess water
  • Extra room for board, pump and paddle
  • Comfortable travel bag with adjustable straps

Having a travel bag for your SUP board is a great essential accessory that will make toting around your SUP board easier while keeping it protected. A bonus of the Smooth SUP travel bag is that there’s extra room in the bag for your SUP board and for your pump and paddle as well. No one likes to spend time figuring out how to roll up your board the same way you took it out.

Another great feature of this bag is the drain hole to allow any excess water to flow out so you’re not left with a pool of water at the bottom of your bag after a SUP session (which also helps prevent mold or mildew from setting in).

3. Coil Leash

Coil Leash SUP accessories by Smooth

  • Comfortable/soft neoprene ankle cuff
  • High strength urethane cord
  • Velcro lock with rail saver
  • Compact design to limit drag

A leash is a MUST when paddling, especially if you plan on catching some waves. When you wear a leash, it’ll prevent you from losing your board or retrieving it all the way back at the beach if you fall or need to hop off during a wave. In some situations, a loose board can also become dangerous if it projectiles into you or other fellow boarders.

Smooth SUP’s coil leash is a great option to pair with your SUP board. The coil feature helps eliminate drag while riding, and the Velcro lock with rail saver will protect your board from the potential strain of the cord. The coil leash’s soft neoprene ankle cuff is also comfortable for longer SUP sessions (we know--we created if for our own adventures!).   

4. Two-Stage Inflation Pump

Smooth SUP accessories inflatable board pump

Last but not least, you’ll need a pump to get your inflatable SUP board floating. Smooth SUP’s double-action high-pressure pump will get the job done in minutes so you can get out into the water. Smooth SUP’s low-profile pump easily slips into your travel bag so that you’re ready to paddle anywhere at any time. 

These 4 SUP accessories are the basics you’ll need for any type of SUP excursion. Each item easily packs together with your SUP board in the travel bag for ultra-convenience and portability.

If you decide to venture beyond the basics, Smooth SUP’s inflatable boards are equipped with:

  • An action mount for a GoPro or other accessories
  • Bungee straps on the nose for securing your gear
  • D-rings for hooking up a kayak seat.

The possibilities with SUP are endless. As long as you have the essentials, you can take as much or as little as you like.

Visit the About Us page to learn more about the Smooth SUP story. Then, grab your board and the essentials to set out on your next adventure!