Everything You Need to Know about Buying a Stand Up Paddle Board

Everything You Need to Know about Buying a Stand Up Paddle Board

So, you’re in the market for a SUP board, but where do you start? Before you go out and pick your first SUP board, you should first think about what you want and need in a paddleboard.

types of SUP paddleboards

Board Size and Body Weight

Before getting into the types of boards, determine the ideal board size for your height and weight. For optimal performance, you need the correct length and volume (i.e., buoyancy and displacement) to meet your body type. 

When it comes to body weight, the general rule of thumb is that you can’t ever be too light for a paddleboard; but you don’t want to be too heavy, as this can create drag while paddling.

Smooth SUP boards take the guesswork out of the equation. Our durable 10-foot boards have plenty of space for your gear or an extra rider, but they’re compact and light enough for a single paddler to navigate waves.

Smooth SUP types of paddleboards

Types of SUP Boards

Next, consider the activities you would like to try with your board.  From surfing or touring, to yoga, and even fishing or kayaking, there are many different activities you can do with a SUP board. Some of the different SUP boards you’ll see on the market include: 

All-Around SUP Board

If you’re looking to try it all, a good first option would be an “All-Around” paddleboard. These boards use a combination of features to make them versatile and stable in many conditions. These are great for beginners who just want to get out there and try a variety of SUP activities.

Inflatable SUP Board

With similar features to an all-around SUP board, inflatable boards have an added bonus: convenience and portability. Inflatable SUP boards are great for traveling and easy to store when not in use. They are just as sturdy as solid boards and perform well in waves and chop. Plus, they’re ultra-light for storage and carrying. 

Surfing SUP Board

Surfing SUP boards are generally shorter in length. The shorter length of the board allows it to be more maneuverable in the waves. However, you’ll find that because they are shorter, they are also less stable than other types of SUP boards. Even so, if you’re a beginner surfer or a paddler who wants to learn surfing, some find that surfing SUPs are easier to learn on than traditional surfboards. Smooth boards are perfect for catching a few waves on your way in from an excursion.

Fitness Paddle Boards

Want to become a SUP yogi? You will find that yoga and fitness paddleboards are designed to be wide and thick for stability to accommodate changing yoga poses and other fitness activities. Most yoga and fitness paddleboards also feature large soft deck pads.

Inflatable paddleboards come back into the picture here, as some yogis prefer their softness and stability when doing SUP yoga. Plus you can enjoy other SUP activities, too—you aren’t limited to yoga.

Touring SUP Boards

If you plan on going the distance and picture yourself traveling distances through the water, a touring board is a great option. With a wide deck and longer length, these paddleboards are designed to get the most distance out of every stroke. They are also ideal paddleboards if you’d like to take a passenger or some gear along. 

Smooth has you covered here, too. The ten-foot length provides a smooth ride across choppy water or waves, and we’ve included D-rings and bungee ties for gear.

Ready, Set, SUP!

There are plenty of paddleboard options to choose from out there based on your preferred activity, experience, and location. Instead of spending all your time researching, we’ve made it easy.

For the paddleboarder who is looking to try it all, consider SmoothSUP inflatable paddleboards. They some of the most versatile, durable, and portable boards you’ll find on the market.

Smooth SUP boards

From cruising flat water lakes to ocean waves, Smooth will take you there. The excellent grip on the paddleboard’s surface allows you to try out some SUP yoga (or easily hop back on after a spill), and you can’t beat the quality and convenience. We've also included all the SUP essentials in every board package. check them out here.

Ready to take your adventure elsewhere? Smooth boards take up little space and can be rolled up and stored in a SmoothSUP travel bag along with your paddle, leash, and pump. Now, you have no excuse to go out and hit the water!

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