Paddle Board Adventures | Best Places to Paddleboard in the US

Paddle Board Adventures | Best Places to Paddleboard in the US

Need a new spot to paddleboard? Looking to add some places to your SUP bucket list? Don’t miss these top 7 places to paddleboard in the US.

Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

Lake Tahoe should be on every paddleboarder's bucket list. The largest alpine lake in North America boasts clear blue waters and breathtaking underwater life. The cool water will be a welcome refresher after paddling miles down the endless coast in the summer. Don’t forget to bring your snorkeling gear. Even standing from your paddleboard, you can see 70 feet down on a clear day! During the winter, the snowcapped mountains will be your backdrop as you paddle to the hot springs of Brockway Hot Springs. Check out this post by Oyster to see which side—California or Nevada—will best fit your recreational preferences. 

paddleboard Lake Tahoe California/Nevada

Glacier Bay, Alaska

Want an unforgettable stand-up paddling boarding adventure that not many can say they’ve experienced? Head to Glacier Bay, Alaska. This paddleboarding spot is not for the first-time paddler. You’ll need to dress warmly and pack a dry suit. Make sure your paddleboard is very stable, as you won’t want to be falling into these frigid waters! Explore glaciers and mountains, or go on a guided tour to untouched coves and ice-caps. Keep your eyes peeled for wild bears, humpback whales, and harbor seals. This will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience! 

paddleboard Glacier Bay, Alaska


Can’t forget about the birthplace of surfing in our top places to paddleboard in the US! There’s an abundance of paddleboarding spots in Hawaii, but here are some great ones:

  • Waikiki

    You’ve probably heard of this well-known tourist destination, but Waikiki Beach is a popular spot for a reason. This beach has calm waters with small surfable waves if you want to try your hand at SUP surfing, too.

  • Waimea Bay

    This beautiful beach has calm deep blue waters during the summer, where you might find a pod of dolphins following you in the early morning. But don’t plan on paddleboarding here in the winter: that’s Hawaii’s big wave season, and Waimea Bay’s waves can tower more than 30 feet!
paddleboard Waimea Bay, Hawaii


Mangroves, Florida Keys

When you think of the Florida Keys, you probably imagine the tropical turquoise waters and white sand beaches. But for an otherworldly paddling experience, navigate through the Florida Keys underwater mangroves. The marine mangroves host all sorts of wildlife from fish, crabs, shrimp, oysters, and more. So, bring a net and a fishing pole and catch yourself some lunch! You might even spot barracudas, rays, manatees, and a diverse species of birds, so bring a pair of binoculars if you’re a nature enthusiast!

paddleboard mangroves, Florida Keys


This landlocked state is surprisingly packed with an abundance of paddling spots along the Colorado River and alpine ponds. If you’re an experienced SUP boarder who wants to try something new, head to Glenwood Springs white water park for a thrilling adventure. If you’re new to white-water SUPing, there are guided tours for beginner river surfers and more advanced classes for experienced white-water SUPers. It’s an adrenaline rush for sure!

paddleboard Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Lake Powell, Utah/Arizona

Truly an oasis in the middle of a desert, Lake Powell is a breathtaking desert escape for paddleboarders—take in the beauty of the desert from the cool lake. Paddle through red rock canyons on top of surreal blue water. Explore a multitude of caves and inlets with over 250 square miles to paddle. With 264 clear days out of the year, you’ll always find a beautiful day in this peaceful and private desert wonderland. 

paddleboard Lake Powell, Utah

Caddo Lake, Texas/Louisiana 

If eerie, serene swamps are your thing, then consider paddling through the bayou of Caddo Lake on the border of Louisiana and Texas. It’s the largest natural lake in Texas! You’ll paddle through a maze of swampland and around tall bald cypress trees draped with Spanish moss. This is truly a unique experience that most paddleboarders wouldn’t think of exploring. You’ll likely see all sorts of birds, frogs, raccoons, and even some gators! Bring your fishing pole and try your hand at SUP fishing for a catfish dinner! Don’t forget to keep your eyes out for bigfoot sightings!

paddle Lake Caddo, Texas, Louisiana

Get Your Adventure On with Smooth SUP

There are so many unique stand-up paddle boarding spots in the US, but these must-see spots offer a variety of experiences that every paddleboarder should have on their bucket list. Maybe you’ll even take a SUP vacation to see them all! Make your travels even easier with an inflatable, all-around Smooth SUP board. These boards can roll up and fit in your passenger seat, and the collapsible paddle is easy to tote around. So, grab your SUP bag and get traveling!