About Us

Forged from the retro vibes of California beaches and serenity of the Colorado rivers, Smooth is a collection for avid water-sports enthusiast seeking the escape from the hustle and bustle and day to day grind. We believe it's essential for our sanity to take a step back, unwind and remember times when everything wasn't so fast paced.

Here at Smooth SUP we urge you to slow down for a bit. Grab a board and enjoy the calm, smooth rhythm of the water. It's never to late to get back to basics.

Life is always better when you keep things simple.
"Keep it simple, keep it smooth"

Our Story 

It all started in the summer of 2009.  Industry tradeshow, Surf Expo, was in full swing at the Orlando Convention Center in Florida and Stand Up Paddling was the new sport on the scene.  Two industry veterans, a surf bum from southern California and a Rastafarian hippy from Colorado were exchanging some cold beverages after a long day of work when they realized they both shared a common love that shared a common challenge.  They both loved paddling but agreed the costs for a quality product were too high to enter the sport.  Fast forward 6 months and Smooth SUP was founded to offer high quality paddleboards at a reasonable price that everyone can enjoy.  Now for over a decade we’ve been focused on the same set of principles while innovating new manufacturing processes and materials to limit our footprint on the planet.  To this day, we stand by the statement we both shared at that expo in 2009, “Everyone Should Paddle”.